What you need to know before hiring a Search Engine Marketing Agency

Hiring a SEO firm is a daunting task. There are so many companies who claim to be experts at getting your site to rank positively. However the industry is riddled with rookies and fly-by-nighters who promise the world but deliver nothing. Please download our ebook that gives you 7 powerful questions to thoroughly test the expertise of any firm you're considering. Knowing the right questions arms you with right the weapons to truly sift through the garbage. The guide includes the questions, answers and explanation so that you are thoroughly educated and can quickly identify the imposters. Scroll up, fill out the form and download it today. SEOJackRabbit is a performance based search engine marketing agency who's not afraid to put the money where our mouth is.

SEOJackRabbit is a subsidiary of Blazin Multimedia, LLC. We’ve been in business since the beginning of the internet which allows us to leverage a broad array of real life experience, statistics and over $80 million dollars of conclusive research data for the benefit of our clients. We are SEO experts who stay abreast of all the latest SEO developments, algorithm changes, Google patent submissions and other cutting edge SEO information.

That’s right, you’re not hearing things. We GUARANTEE your site will hit the 1st page of Google within 3 months or we will continue work for FREE until it does. But we don’t stop there.

If after 6 months a first page ranking is still not achieved we will refund your first 3 months payments in FULL! That’s right every red cent!!! We are that confident in our abilities.

Unlike the other firms who try to lock you in with 3-12 month agreements, there are NO OBLIGATIONS with us. We bill month-to-month so there’s no cancellation policy, when you stop paying, the service stops happening. Simple as that!!!